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  1. MOBrian

    Another soul here unmoved by this strain; I found it underpowered and ‘meh’, just didn’t do much for me; I assume it was b/c there is a haze parent in here – the haze strains, to me, are kinda blah for getting a good buzz going (or, for that matter, in helping w/ any of my issues).

    Strawberry Moon Rocks Strawberry Moon Rocks

  2. Reinger Raymor

    Imma say my order is still pending for you guys to respond . I have send you guys an email . Please I need you guys to respond for I need it ship ASAP

    MeteoRocks MeteoRocks

  3. AndrewZelve

    Puts a comfort blanket on all arthritic pain, relieves headache and defeats chronic pain .Feels euphric, energy, social uplift at beginning then coaches out. Hit it light and function. Hit it heavy and its music listenin’ time. Every Dispensary should carry it, esp. in MA !!! A Superb favorite.

    Strawberry Moon Rocks Strawberry Moon Rocks

  4. jean (store manager)

    Everything is perfect can not wait to spread the word about your business.

    Apple Fritter Apple Fritter

  5. Ava (store manager)

    Great products

    Apple Fritter Apple Fritter

  6. eose (store manager)

    I just wanted to say thank you for the prompt handling of my recent order

    Black Cherry Soda Black Cherry Soda

  7. jeo (store manager)

    Thank you guys for taking the time to make my purchase a speed experience

    Brain freeze Brain freeze

  8. sophie (store manager)

    Thank you again and definitely, i have you guys on my top list for future needs

    Blackberry Kush Cartridge Blackberry Kush Cartridge

  9. Gabriel (store manager)

    Fantastic customer service

    Brass knuckles Abracadabra Brass knuckles Abracadabra

  10. Ruth (store manager)

    Great website. day ordering fast shipping and staff. to many more

    Brass knuckles Abracadabra Brass knuckles Abracadabra

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