shipping weed world ( all you need to know about weed delivery here)

Where and How We Deliver

just as the name sounds weed worldwide delivery we do delivery worldwide meaning we deliver to all countries across the globe in different time frames shipping weed world

delivery time and location – buy weed online with refund policy

  1. all USA states  expect your package in a maximum of 24-36 hours (1& 1/2 days)
  2. all Europe countries  expect your package in a maximum of 36 – 48 hours ( 1&1/2 – 2 working days )
  3. Africa, Antarctica, Asia, Australia expect your package in a maximum of 48-72 hours ( 3 working days )


How We Package and Seal

We do a double vacuum packaging method with aluminium foil and a top stealth sealing strategy with a top priority stamp on the package and no single information on it (custom proof package)


weed worldwide delivery ,must be alert within a 24 hour window from the delivery time, if anything is missing from the order, or if a product is flawed .

we will not accept any notifications over 24 hours.

All non-working cartridges and batteries are going to be asked to be tested by the driving force when the things are first delivered.

to say a free exchange for a non-working battery or a cartridge, the test has got to be done during the primary delivery. buy weed online with refund policy

If a non-working item is confirm within the test, a free exchange will occur immediately.

Otherwise, the exchange are going to be through with the patient’s next order, or a delivery fee are going to be aske if the patient asks for an instantaneous exchange.

The exchange items are going to be teste before the replacement takes place.

All exchanges or returns must be return with the item’s original packaging.
Missing items are going to be sent out immediately when the patient is found within the world from our $40 to $60 free delivery zone.

For patients at a greater distance, we’ll deliver the missing item at the most in 24 hours.

All orders are subject to product availability. If an item is not in stock at the time you place your order, we will notify you and refund you the total amount of your order, using the original method of payment, or with your consent, we will source the product and ship it as soon as it becomes available. Please remember to forward your “receipt” with the order number and the secret answer to the email money transfer so we accept the transfer and ship the product out as soon as possible.

Edibles Disclaimers

Please note the consequences of THC edibles may vary for every user.

Factors like your tolerance, metabolism, diet, and the way soon you eat before or after your dose can impact the effectiveness of the edible.

These factors may impact both the extent of reaction and therefore the time it takes for the dose to kick in.

We strongly suggest only opening one pack at a time when trying a replacement product so you’ll see how effective it’s for you. It’s also helpful to undertake them in several conditions.

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